One Piece Sagas: Through the Years.

This is how I’m gonna plan my One Piece live action movies.

Although if you think about there’s too much happening to condense Paradise into just 5 movies.


the skeleton

with the huge pulsing bump on his head

his afro’d head


i love you one piece

Gifs look better than the series itself nowadays :/

I did suffer a lot because of Arlong’s gang. But, despite all the pain, that’s also when I met my friends. Every single thing made me what I am now. I don’t blame you just because you’re a fishman. So you don’t need to apologise for ruining my life. It’s not that ruined, you know. I’m actually having fun now.”

Today’s just one of those days that I feel sad

because I couldn’t produce a live-action One Piece movie.

I wonder if it would come true.

i realize why there’s no one piece this week: naruto has that road to ninja prologue. 

thank you Bakuman for imparting me with this knowledge.

Walk up to a stranger and say blankly:


then get close to him/her and whisper

"You should be watching…" 

One Piece-Themed Buffet and Bar Opens in Shibuya

Buffet & Food Bar 325, a One Piece-themed buffet and bar, has opened in Shibuya this June.

The restaurant serves a lunch buffet during the day, and transforms into a bar at night. The owner, Hiromichi Chiba, has been a fan of One Piece for seven years, and conceived of the restaurant as a place for like-minded One Piece devotees to gather. The interior is decorated with over 1,000 One Piece figures, all from the owner’s collection. The shop also sells homemade soap and hand cream, as well as official One Piece products.

The lunch buffet features One Piece-themed food, such as Pirate Salad and Navy Curry. Dinner includes more themed food, as well as made-to-order cocktails. Upon request, the bartender (who also cosplays as One Piece chef Sanji) will make drinks based on the customers’ favorite characters.

The restaurant is open from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM, and 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM. It is open Sundays for advance reservations only.

Via yattarjapan