Sugita:Hello everyone! I’m the voice actor for Kivat III, Sugita Tomokazu. I’m just a grown up who can’t forget about his fantasies and still plays with toys like this. To the kids watching, please, just ignore this low-voiced ossan talking here.

Kinda ruined it for me, his voice will always belong to the bat not the human XD

watching Kiva #33

Wataru’s in the bath sulking over the fact that his “girlfriend” is his friend’s fiancee…

and then Nago enters uninvited just cause he likes the bath.

Hey so I’m currently watching Kiva episode 23, and you know about that adult couple who broke up (and probably the guy is a Fangire and that’s why he wanted the break-up), and 5 minutes later are now okay and a bit romantic.

And the Queen passed them by?


2 points for this kiva ep#21: Mari’s back! (well her actress is :D ) and the continued comedy combo riot of Jirou and Otoya!